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The following Bible math projects will reinforce the truth and beauty of the scriptures while making math lessons fun and exciting for students.

Greetings! Teaching in a Christian school, I realized how difficult it is to relate the math curriculum to the Bible in a meaningful way and at the same time have the lessons be fun for the students as well as being educationally sound. The lessons that I offer here have been my most successsful. I used them with super success in my classroom. The students loved them!

My math lesson plans are complete with duplicable worksheets, notes for the teacher, answer keys, discussion starter questions, and models students can build.

Why would you need to use my lesson plans? Good question. The answer is simple - these math lesson plans give you the tools to present creative and fun lessons which will lead your students to a deeper knowledge of the Bible while practicing important math skills. In short, these are the kinds of math lessons that will create indelible memories that your students will cherish all their lives.

As a testimony to the effectiveness of these lessons: Every year my students achieved exceptionally high scores on math standardized tests. Also, many of my former students have acknowleged that I was their all-time favorite math teacher. These lessons were a major reason.


Just for visiting my site, here's a FREE lesson plan,
"The Chapter in the Bible With the Most Numbers"


For grades 3 and up. An engaging way to practice reading numbers in word form, writing numbers in standard form, place value, adding, and subtracting 2, 3, 4, and 5 digit numbers. Because there are so many numbers, this lesson would be excellent for calculator practice.

I have several fun Bible math project lesson plans available...

"Bible Math Collection 1" is a cost-saving collection of 5 of my most popular Bible Math lesson plans. Appropriate for middle grades and higher. It includes math lessons about Creation, Noahís Ark, Ark of the Covenant, King Solomonís Pool, and Gideonís Army. These lessons are described in detail below and may be purchased individually. This collection contains every page in the lesson booklets. My students loved these projects. They are excellent for schools and homeschools.



Present Lessons that Your Students Will Remember!

Snapshots from this Collection

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Art & the Bible
This is a photo of my inspirational mural, "In the Shadow of the Cross."
A Dynamic, Pictorial Overview of the Bible's Central Theme
For those who would like information about this mural, please click the button below to get the illustrated description of this work of art (complete with all the Bible verses incorporated into the design)

Individual Lesson Plan Booklets

"The Days of Creation" ($6.95) provides a way teachers can integrate the Bible into math lessons in a challenging and fun way. This is a math activity that uses the creation story from the Bible as a springboard for the students to investigate several different kinds of numbers and their relationships. The lesson plans are appropriate for grades 5 through 9. The math concepts covered in this activity are: converting days to hours and minutes, understanding perfect numbers, square numbers, factors, abundant numbers, sublime numbers, and how numbers play an important role in our everyday life. The numbers reveal some truly remarkable (even miraculous) relationships. This lesson plan is complete with 4 pages of handouts, notes for the teacher, and an answer key.
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"Measuring Noah's Ark" (normally $7.95. Today's special discount, just $3.95!) is a fun math activity that uses the description from the Bible to calculate the actual dimensions of Noah's Ark and the number of animals it could hold. Appropriate for middle grades and higher. The students will discover that the ark was a gigantic ship that could not only house all the animals but had ample space left over for food and supplies.The math concepts used in the activity are measurement conversions, scale, volume, and percent. Contains complete lesson plans with easy-to-follow instructions and student worksheets. Includes a small scale paper model the students can construct. Developed in the classroom by an award-winning teacher.

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"Ark of the Covenant Gold" ($7.95) is a fun math activity that I have used for several years in grades 6-9. It references the description from the Bible to calculate the amount of gold used to cover the Ark of the Covenant. Once the students determine the amount of gold used, they can calculate the value of the gold using the current price. The students discover that the value of the gold exceeds a staggering ten million dollars! The math concepts used in this activity are measurement conversions, the calculations of surface area (drawing a net), calculating volume, and weight (in customary and metric units), and percent. There is a paper model included that the students can put together.
To download  CLICK HERE

"Describing Gideon's Army Using Math" ($6.75) is a complete math lesson using the account from the Bible to practice comparing numbers using ratios, percents, bar graphs, and pictographs. Appropriate for middle grades and higher. It enables students to understand more clearly the great miracle that God performed in enabling Gideon's very small army to defeat the much larger army of the enemy. The lesson provides a master for a worksheet and a detailed answer sheet for the teacher. It also includes images that may be used in creating a pictograph. This lesson was created by an award-winning middle school math teacher.
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"Math & King Solomon's Pool" ($6.95) shows students how to prove the Bible correct by using math to show that the dimensions given in scripture are not in error! Appropriate for middle grades and higher. Practice making measurement conversions, calculate the radius, diameter and circumference of a circle. Find the volume of a cylinder. Includes a lesson on the history and design of the pool, a math worksheet, a teacher answer key, and a paper model that students can build. This lesson was created by an award-winning middle school math teacher.
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David and
                                                Goliath Math Project
"Goliath Math" ($4.95) This is a fun math project for first through fourth grades. Everything you need is included in this downloadable lesson plan. The project is based on the story of David and Goliath, one of the most popular stories in the Bible, recorded in the 17th chapter of the book of First Samuel. Even people who know very little about the Bible, are familiar with this story. The key element in the story is how a small shepherd boy who trusts God is able to defeat a huge giant that everyone else is afraid of. The lesson is all about measuring and comparing heights. In order to make the comparisons, the students will create a life-size drawing of Goliath.  First, compare the heights visually. Itís fun to photograph the students next to the drawing as they play the part of David. Then compare the heights using math. One way is to calculate the difference between their heights and Goliath's. For students who understand ratio fractions, they can create ratios. For students who understand percent, they may use that method. Most versions of the Bible give Goliathís height written in cubits and spans. Students can learn how to use these ancient measurements for their own heights (optional).

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Have you played my free, online adventure game? There are magical math puzzles, mazes, secret codes, hidden messages, and word search challenges. You could be a winner! Quest for the Golden Calculator

Have you played my free, online adventure game? There are magical math puzzles, mazes, secret codes, hidden messages, and word search challenges. You could be a winner! Quest for the Golden Calculator

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